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Contact person: Jonas Löwgren
Responsible: Jonas Löwgren
Co-workers: Per Linde
Partner: Sigma Kudos
Funding: KK-stiftelsen och Sigma Kudos
Timeframe: 2009-06-01 -- 2012-06-30
Research profile: Nya medier
Forskningscentrum: MEDEA Collaborative Media Initiative
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Culture and Society
Subject: Tvärvetenskap
Webpage: http://substrate.se/

Substrate is a co-production where researchers from the Medea Collaborative Media Initiative at Malmö University work together with Sigma Kudos, a global provider of information logistics solutions and product information.

The goal is to develop new tools for producing and using technical information, based on a collaborative media approach where the traditional distinction between producers and consumers is challenged. 

The name of the project — Substrate — is intended to evoke the idea of hospitable conditions for something to grow. In this case, what should grow on our substrates is of course knowledge.

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