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Scaling agile development in mechatronics organizations

Kontaktperson: Ulrik Eklund
Ansvarig: Ulrik Eklund
Samarbetspartner: Volvo Car Group, AB Volvo, Saab, Grundfos
Finansiär: Finansierat av samtliga deltagande företag samt universitet i Software Center.
Tidsram: 2014-07-01 -- 2016-06-30
Fakultet/institution: Fakulteten för teknik och samhälle, Institutionen för datavetenskap
Hemsida: http://www.software-center.se/

Software Center: General information

The Software Center is a research collaboration in which companies and universities work together to accelerate the adoption of novel approaches to software engineering, and to address the core challenges that software companies in Sweden and the rest of the Nordics currently face. These challenges include e.g. the competitive positioning in fast moving markets, the growing importance of software, the rapid rate of evolution of best practices in software engineering, and the difficulties companies experience in adopting these techniques.  Currently, the Software Center consists of three universities (Chalmers University of technology, University of Gothenburg and Malmö University) and eight software development companies (Saab Defense, AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, Ericsson, Axis Communications, Jeppesen, Grundfos and SONY). The director of the center is Prof. Jan Bosch, Chalmers University of Technology

Project description: Scaling agile development in mechatronics organizations

One of the present challenges among large mechatronics companies is how to scale agile beyond short iterations on the team level. These iterations are never visible as short lead-times in launching new/updated products since the overall R&D approach for the organization is still governed by an overall stage gate or V-model. The software deliveries are still planned in time towards scheduled integration points determined by mechanics and manufacturing development, even if individual trams are able to reprioritize and implement features in a 2-4 week cycle.

The project aims to identify and guide first initiative to scale of agile in the context of organizations developing mechatronic products. The findings would e.g. be analysis methods and a set of process, organizational and architectural patterns together with checklists.

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