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On the efficacy of the various threaded implant designs

Contact person: Ann Wennerberg
Responsible: Ann Wennerberg
Co-workers: Ramesh Chowdhary and Magnus Jacobsson
Partner: Astra Tech
Funding: Astra Tech AB
Timeframe: 2008-10-01 -- 2011-09-30
Research profile: Oral hälsa
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Odontology
Subject: Odontologi

The implant design is one factor related to implant treatment that has been identified as especially important. However, knowledge about the optimal design of a thread for best initial stability is mainly unknown. This project aims to in a Finite Element Analysis evaluate different designs, thereafter evaluate some selected designs in vivo.

Beskrivning på svenska

Projektet avser undersöka optimal implantat design med avseende på initial stabilitet. Undersöknings tekniker omfattar finit element analys som laboratorie modell. In vivo kommer histologiska och biomekaniska undersökningar att göras.

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