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Novel biomarkers for oral health care

Kontaktperson: Gunnel Svensäter
Ansvarig: Gunnel Svensäter
Medarbetare: Julia Davies, Agnethe Henriksson, Jessica Neilands, Claes Wickström, Madeleine Blomquist och Lars Christersson
Finansiär: ORFS
Tidsram: 2014-01-01 -- 2017-12-30
Fakultet/institution: Odontologiska fakulteten
Ämne: Odontologi

Severe periodontal diseases affect more than 300 000 people in Sweden. Currently it is impossible to determine which individuals will develop severe disease and new tools are therefore needed so that prevention and treatment can be targeted to those at risk. This study represents the first step in identifying bacterial proteases that could act as novel biomarkers for destruction of alveolar bone and risk for tooth loss. In this project, we are studying factors influencing protease expression in multi-species biofilms associated with periodontal disease. 

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