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Mucoadhesion - a prerequisite or a constraint for nasal drug delivery?

Contact person: Johan Engblom
Responsible: Johan Engblom
Co-workers: Abdullah Ali, Lars Söderberg, Anna Åkesson and Soma Ghosh
Partner: Bioglan AB, Nares AB
Funding: KK-stiftelsen
Timeframe: 2011-04-01 -- 2013-09-30
Forskningscentrum: Biofilms - Research Center for Biointerfaces
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Health and Society, The Department of Biomedical Science
Subject: Naturvetenskap

Nasal drug delivery potentially offers systemic delivery with avoidance of first-pass metabolism, easy administration, rapid onset of effect and the possibility to circumvent the blood-brain barrier. One major problem with nasal administration, however, is the rapid removal of mucus from the nasal cavity. Mucoadhesion, allowing prolonged retention time, is therefore often considered a prerequisite for effective nasal administration. The most common way to accomplished this is by adding various polymers to the formulation to induce interactions with the mucosa. However, this also lowers the water activity of the formulation and imposes a gradient in water activity over the mucosa, which potentially induces a mucosal response affecting the structure and barrier properties. This has been shown for dermal drug delivery, and preliminary results for oral mucosa indicate a similar effect.

The aim of this project is to determine if a nasal formulation with low water activity, that favors mucoadhesion, would also induce a mucosal response detrimental to drug absorption.

The main questions to be answered are:

1. Mucoadhesion vs barrier response – effects on drug permeability from increasing the gradient in water activity over nasal mucosa?

2. Factors affecting surface coverage of topically applied formulations – spreadability, surface coverage, mucoadhesion?

3. The role of mucus gel in mucosal barrier function?

4. Formulation dependence on drug retention, penetration and bioavailibility – IVIVC?

The proposed project is a collaboration between Bioglan, Nares and Malmö University (Mah), combining expertise in molecular science and formulations development with long experience in in vitro methodology, as well as resources and skills for performing clinical trials (including test materials supply).

The expected outcome from the project is joint publications, increased industry/academia collaboration and increased know-how in relevant research fields for all partners. Nares is interested in increasing their understanding of nasal absorption in general and with regard to microemulsion formulations in specific. Bioglan wants to take part in this project is to strengthen their knowledge-base in the nasal drug delivery field, into which they are making a strategic expansion. Both see the benefit in increasing their involvement with Malmö University, building further on a good lasting relationship with an academic site that is in the frontline in topical drug delivery research. Mah sees an excellent opportunity for its ambition to increase focus on medical applications and to be involved in projects spanning the whole range from molecular research to preclinical and clinical sciences.

The project will be a part of the large academic research environment at Malmö University, primarily constituted by the University spanning research center "Biofilms- Research Center for Biointerfaces". It also specifically relate to the MSc program in Biomedical Technology.

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