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Modalities of actuality

Contact person: Kyriakos Theodoridis
Responsible: Kyriakos Theodoridis
Partner: Professor Stathis Psillos University of Athens,Professor Richard Levi Umeå University
Funding: Malmö University
Timeframe: 2009-09-01 -- 2015-12-31
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Health and Society, The Department of Care Science
Subject: Tvärvetenskap

Project 1: Modalities of actuality (theoretical philosophy)

The Project concerns a philosophical investigation into the nature of actuality according to a certain metaphysical approach. The Porject aims to design a nomenclature for the purpose of describing the ontological character of actuality, considered from the vantage point of the thinking agent.

In metaphysics, researchers ascribe modalities by means of conceivability; that is, by means of abstract reasoning which is closed under certain assumptions. Static modalisation may be said to denote the kind of conceivability that is closed under timelessness whereas dynamic modalisation concerns conceivability that refers to time and change. The Project aims to discuss static and dynamic kinds of conceivability which corresponds to different kinds of ontologies. As will be shown, different things come out as necessary (or contingent), depending on whether a static or a dynamic ontology is accepted. Whether certain properties of the world are conceived to be contingent or necessary depends on whether the world is conceived to be static or dynamic in character. This is the overarching theme the Project will elaborate upon and discuss. Some elements in this approach will be emphasised.

The motivation of addressing the metaphysical character of actuality resides in the belief that actuality, in essential respects, cannot be described or measured. If certain features of actuality cannot be express in language, the ontological status of actuality turns 'irregular' or 'inexistent' with respect to the physicalist point of view. It is the purpose of the Project to articulate, examine, and discuss the thesis of the ineffability of actuality by means of developing a metaphysical method that will be called ontometry (the study of ontological magnitudes).

The Project endeavours to articulate and discuss the belief of the ineffability of actuality: What does actuality mean? Is actuality the same as the present? In what sense, if any, is it true that actuality is ineffable? In what sense, if any, is it possible to describe actuality? These are some of the basic questions that define the Project.

Project 2: Philosophy of nursing (care science)

This project aims at a comprehensive metaphysical analysis of nursing reality with respect to ontological, epistemological, and ethical parameters. The overarching aim is to elucidate the basic metaphysical framework of nursing practice in order to support decision, education, and research within the nursing field.

The project advocates for the basic thesis that there is more of philosophy in nursning than of science. If this statement is true, it underscores the need to reconsider certain standard conceptions regarding nursing (practice, research, education).

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