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Matrix on duties, qualifications and competencies of the middle management on the construction site in Europe - MatrixConEU

Kontaktperson: Mats Persson
Ansvarig: Mats Persson
Finansiär: EU – Leonardo da Vinci partnerskap - Lifelong learning programme
Tidsram: 2013-10-01 -- 2015-09-30
Fakultet/institution: Fakulteten för teknik och samhälle, Institutionen för medieteknik och produktutveckling
Ämne: Teknikvetenskap

 In the European construction sector there is a common understanding that the middle management on the construction site (EQF/SQF levels 3a, 4, 5) is responsible for complex tasks and is a mediator between management and workers on site and so crucial for the quality and success of a construction project. Apart from this common general understanding there are a lot of national differences in detail regarding duties, needed qualifications and competencies of the members/positions of the middle management up to the point of the structures of national upgrading training systems. That differences are unknown by most of the European construction companies and barriers that hinder mobility of that qualification level as well as permeability within the upgrading training systems.

It is the intention of MatrixConEU project to have an exchange on European level on the national upgrading training systems and to develop a matrix that clearly arranged shows in detail which duties, needed qualifications and competencies characterize the different positions of the middle management in the different partner countries to identify similarities and gaps in the qualification structures to improve mobility and permeability of the middle management in Europe.

In 2005 Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation (ToI) project "Eurosystem Bauweiterbildung" (2005-2007) started with 16 partners and with this project an exchange started focusing the education of the middle management on the construction site in Europe. Continued in the Leonardo ToI-project "Expert Bau" (2009-2011) and the partnership project "TaskConEU" (2011-2013) common qualification modules as well as action-oriented training material for the target group have been developed to increase the quality and attractiveness of education for the middle management on the construction site in Europe. But until now there is no clear understanding by the social partners, construction companies and training institutions in the European countries of the exact tasks and duties of the different national hierarchical levels of the middle management. MatrixConEU project will be a starting point to make the different levels and their characteristics obvious as a first step of understanding similarities and gaps in the national qualification systems. Understanding the different qualifications would help construction companies to appoint multicultural staff according to their previous qualification and to understand different national qualification demands. Further, "bridging" courses could be developed in future projects to qualify e.q. a Spanish "capataz" or Slovakian "Majster" or "Stavbyvedúci" to gain working experience/to work as a "Vorarbeiter" or "Polier" on a German construction site by accepting his or her previous national qualification. In a long term the simple understanding of the different national qualifications could raise the quality of the whole construction sector in Europe.


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