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Knowledge management among healthcare professionals through Semantic Web‐based systems

Contact person: Marie Gustafsson Friberger
Responsible: Marie Gustafsson Friberger
Funding: Malmö University
Timeframe: 2011-08-01 -- 2012-07-31
Faculty/Department: School of Technology
Subject: Teknikvetenskap
The idea of evidence-based practice (EBP), that care should be based on the latest empirical evidence, is appealing and has received a lot of attention over the last two decades. However, it is also clear that knowledge translation (KT), bringing new research into practice, is very difficult.

Challenges include the sheer number of articles available, varying quality of these articles and difficulties for the average clinician in assessing research quality, as well as clinicians’ lack of time for activities related to use of research literature.

This points towards a need for a social context where clinicians can explore and use research literature, not from the perspective of a researcher but as part of their role as a clinician. We believe that ideas from developments in social media can be useful for this. However, there is also a need to bridge between different conceptualizations, such as that of the researcher and clinician, where Semantic Web techniques are potentially useful.

The planned project steps are:
  1. Survey clinicians' use of research articles and social media.
  2. Study use by clinicians of a social reference sharing tool (such as Mendeley or CiteULike).
  3. Develop a tool adjusted to needs of clinicians.
Such a tool could include:
  • Taking social aspects into account, such as being able to ”follow” colleagues as well as researchers
  • Personalization of content based on role and interest of clinician
  • Alignment between different conceptualizations (such as the researcher’s and the clinician’s)
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