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Multiscale modelling of hydrogen induced fracture in hydride forming metals

Contact person: Christina Bjerkén
Responsible: Christina Bjerkén
Co-workers: Gästprofessor Ali Massih, Dr Jakob Blomqvist and Professor Per Ståhle
Partner: Studsvik Nuclear AB och Volvo Aero Corp
Funding: KK-stiftelsen / The Knowledge Foundation (KKS)
Timeframe: 2009-01-01 -- 2011-12-31
Faculty/Department: School of Technology


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Short description

The synergetic in hydride precipitation, hydrogen diffusion and hydride-induced crack propagation in titanium and zirconium alloys will be studied using current computational approaches in materials science, a mesoscale phase field method and atomic scale approaches, in light of data. The effect of hydrogen content, specimen temperature, stresses, hydride shape and orientaion on crack propagation will be studied. The multiscale approach allows isolating the individuel effects liable for microstructure evolution plus crack growth. The method will clarify problems that may occur during fabrication and/or service regarding hydride cracking.


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