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Hydration of Nanostructured and Biological Materials

Contact person: Vitaly Kocherbitov
Responsible: Vitaly Kocherbitov
Co-workers: Thomas Arnebrant
Partner: Institute of Biochemistry (Vilnius, Lithuania), Saint Petersburg State University (St.Petersburg, Russia)
Funding: Svenska Intistutet
Timeframe: 2008-09-01 -- 2011-09-30
Research profile: Biologiska gränsytor
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Health and Society, The Department of Biomedical Science
Subject: Naturvetenskap
Webpage: http://www.mah.se/SI-hydration

Nanostructured and biological materials have a wide range of potential applications in science and technology. Functional properties of biological and nanomaterials are strongly dependent on their interactions with the surrounding environment, where the presence of water in form of liquid or vapor is inevitable. In this project we combine several experimental techniques available at partner universities to study interactions of biological and nanostructured materials with water.

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