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HeLPS Transfer - Helps for High Training and High School

Contact person: Bengt J. Nilsson
Responsible: Bengt J. Nilsson
Co-workers: Lisbeth Amhag
Funding: European Commission
Timeframe: 2008-10-01 -- 2010-11-30
Faculty/Department: School of Education, School of Technology
Subject: Tvärvetenskap
Webpage: http://www.helps-transfer.eu/
“HeLPS Transfer - Helps for High Training and High School” is a project aimed at the transfer of innovation derived from the need of some universities and other European organizations engaged in the field of Education and Vocational Training to use the results of the project entitled “HeLPS - High e-Learning Professional Skills”. HeLPS Transfer then originates from the possibility to transform an e-Learning excellence initiative into the drive of an actual transformation and enhancement of knowledge, models, methodologies, school-university didactic-educational systems and professionalization of the e-Learning sector, in Europe.
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