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Hate Crime in Skåne – causes, consequenses and support initiatives

Contact person: Berit Wigerfelt
Responsible: Anders S Wigerfelt
Co-workers: Anders S Wigerfelt, Berit Wigerfelt and Pieter Bevelander
Funding: Vetenskapsrådet; Brottsoffermyndigheten
Timeframe: 2011-10-01 -- 2015-12-30
Forskningscentrum: Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM)
Faculty/Department: Global Political Studies, Faculty of Culture and Society
Subject: Tvärvetenskap

At a time when hate crime, especially in Skåne, and extremism as threats to the democratic society are growing, it is very important to increase knowledge about the causes and consequences of hate crime and extremism. The aim is also to suggest measures for improving the situation in different respects for victims and to contribute to an improved knowledge of hate crime that will assist government agencies and organisations that work in different ways with the problems of hate crime as well as political and religious extremism.

The project will be operationalized by a pluralistic approach in which quantitative and qualitative methods are combined in order to explain the underlying causes and consequences of hate crime. The examination of the judicial system with regard to hate crime related offences will result in a mapping and compilation of existing secondary empirical material in the form of public statistics relating to hate crime and register studies of report notifications and convictions in Skåne. Qualitative interviews with both the victims and perpetrators of hate crime will be conducted. A survey will be carried out that can be compared with earlier studies. What happens to reported offences in the judicial chain has not yet been explored in any depth and research has pointed to the need for in-depth studies, especially regional ones, into how different groups of victims are affected. There are very few studies where perpetrators have been interviewed.

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