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Formative Evaluation of Young Reporters Network in Tanzania

Contact person: Anders Høg Hansen
Responsible: Team Lead Nicola Harford Consultant, Team Lead Coordination Orecomm Tobias Denskus and K3TODE. Admin/Coordination Marie Brobeck
Co-workers: Principal Researchers Anders Høg Hansen (Malmö University), Vicensia Shule (University of Dar es Salaam), with team lead, consultant, Nicola Harford. To some extent also Hugo Boothby and K3HUBO
Partner: UNICEF (Bid/Application by Orecomm, Communication for Development, Malmö University, and Communication Studies, Roskilde University)
Funding: UNICEF
Timeframe: 2016-02-01 -- 2016-07-01
Research profile: Nya medier
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Culture and Society, Arts and Communication
Subject: Humaniora och religionsvetenskap

The project is a formative evaluation of a Young Reporters Network initiated in mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar in 2011 as a national consortium of community-based children’s radio projects. The purpose of the YRN is to build the skills of children and young people in radio production and use of social media to advocate for and raise public awareness about children’s rights. 

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