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EuSTD-web. European Teachers Professional Development for Science Teaching in a Web-based Environment

Contact person: Claes Malmberg
Responsible: Nilza Costa (Coordination), University of Aveiro and Portugal
Partner: University of Aveiro, Wroclaw University, Adam Mickiwicz University, University of Helsinki, University of Tartu, University of Plovdiv, Malmo University, Brno University & Bradford College University Centre
Funding: EU - Comenius
Timeframe: 2006-09-01 -- 2009-10-01
Research profile: Utbildningsvetenskap
Faculty/Department: School of Education
Subject: Samhällsvetenskap
Webpage: http://cms.ua.pt/eustd-web
The overall aims are:
  1. To develop and implement a web-based, pan-European, in-service professional development platform for teachers to enhance their role in promoting education through science.
  2. To enhance the quality, and reinforce the European dimension of, primary and junior secondary (grades 1-9) science education by encouraging trans-national cooperation between teachers (and schools) and action research between teachers, taking into account regional differences and the varying needs of teachers of science subjects.
  3. To encourage in-service training providers in the different participating countries to network, working alongside teachers and develop topic related, upgrading in pedagogical content skills (PCK) within a European dimension.
 Specific objectives for the project are:
  1. To extend and expand the SySTEM project outcomes for use in a created, web-based, in-service pan-European teacher professional development platform (e-system).
  2. To implement and evaluate, at a pan-European level, e-system and also the individual e-modules including methods of operation and interlinking between levels.
  3. To enhance wider cooperation between European science teachers and trainers utilising electronic communication for enhancing science teaching, science education trainers/facilitators and classroom action research related to the web-based modules.
  4. To build an e-system which pays a strong role in bridging the gap between classroom teaching and research in science education, thus promoting pan-European pedagogical content knowledge skills and exemplary teaching materials, geared to society related, student involved, action related, learning.
  5. To disseminate the purpose and usefulness of the pan-European teacher professional development platform to science educators across Europe.
  6. To initiate the creation of a thematic pan-European network, based on the teacher professional development platform.

The main focus of the project is the professional development of teachers teaching science subjects at the primary and junior secondary level (grades 1-9). It is guided by the educational policy of the EC, namely the Lisbon Objectives in Education and Training (2000) and their endorsement (2002), which attempts to make education and training systems in Europe a quality reference by 2010.


You find published articles, reports and books on our website http://cms.ua.pt/eustd-web 


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