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Collaborative design of a networked medium for generative communities

Contact person: Zeenath Hasan
Responsible: Zeenath Hasan
Funding: Scholarship from Wahlgrenska Stiftelsen
Timeframe: 2007-10-01 -- 2013-03-29
Research profile: Nya medier
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Culture and Society, Arts and Communication
Subject: Tvärvetenskap

The research project investigates how citizenship practices evolve in the information revolutionised landscape of technology assisted governance. The fieldwork component involves an exploratory undertaking of the meaning making that is generated through citizenship practices and prevalent constitutive discourses in the context of the operationalisation of legislative rights, specifically the mobilisation of the Right to Information Act by urban communities in Bangalore, India. The on site project is to track the effects of digitisation on citizenship through the live deployment of a technical platform and in conversation with civil society networks, advocacy groups, open source software developers and other stakeholders. The research project aims to contribute to the growing field of design research, where cultural studies, design philosophy, and communication research inform a layered practice of collaborative design.

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