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Climate change impacts on forest phenology and implications for Swedish forest management

Contact person: Professor Per Jönsson
Responsible: Professor Per Jönsson
Partner: LU, SLU, SMHI
Funding: Formas
Timeframe: 2010-01-01 -- 2012-12-30
Faculty/Department: School of Technology
Subject: Naturvetenskap

Investigation of climate change on forest phenology through remote sensing and vegetation modeling with implications for management and forest economy. Development of spatio-temporal statistical methods for analyzing remotely sensed vegetation data. Development of methods for data fusing.


A.M. Jönsson, L. Eklundh, M. Hellström, L. Bärring and P. Jönsson Annual changes in MODIS vegetation indices of Swedish coniferous forests in relation to snow dynamics and tree phenology Remote Sensing of the Environment, 114, 2719 (2010)

L. Eklundh and P. Jönsson Version 3.0 Software manual: 2010, TIMESAT 3.0 - Software Manual. Lund University, 74 pp. http://www.nateko.lu.se/TIMESAT/timesat.asp

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