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ADAM - Assisting Democracy. Restructuring Postgraduate Programs in Art and Media.

Contact person: Bo Reimer
Responsible: Bo Reimer
Co-workers: Mikael Rundberg, Richard Topgaard and Helena Åsbrink
Partner: University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia; University of Siena, Italy; Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, Scotland
Funding: EU (Tempus)
Timeframe: 2004-09-01 -- 2007-08-01
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Culture and Society, Arts and Communication

Assisting Democracy. Restructuring Postgraduate Programs in Art and Media (ADAM) was a three year research and pedagogical project (2004-2007) funded by the European Commission through its TEMPUS program.

The objective was:
• to restructure the existing postgraduate programs (both M.A. and Ph.D.) in Art and Media Studies in order to meet the standards posed by European models and the Bologna convention
• to create widely profiled, interdisciplinary programs of highest international quality, giving students insights into today's most important topics within the field of Media Studies
• to establish a Long Distance Learning (LDL) system that would facilitate a permanent and long-lasting co-operation between Belgrade's University of Arts and other European Universities
• to create a system for staff development and training in new courses, techniques and methodologies, thereby assuring the sustainability of the program
• to improve the technical facilities of the University of Arts

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