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Country Bank of Ideas
Australia An Aboriginal health and a Government school dental service in South Australia.
Source: Parker EJ, Jamieson LM. Oral health comparisons between children attending an Aboriginal health service and a Government school dental service in a regional location. Rural Remote Health. 2007;7:625. Epub 2007 May 2.(http://www.rrh.org.au/publishedarticles/article_print_625.pdf) (accessed Sep 2007)
Water fluoridation in remote Australian Aboriginal communities
Community water fluoridation map for Australia (2009) (http://www.health.vic.gov.au/environment/downloads/fluoridation/fluor_aust_map2009_01_30.pdf)
Brunei Darussalam Mission Report 1998 on training course in oral health survey method
Cambodia Mobile dental care for schoolchildren in Sihanoukville
Outreach programme for improving oral health of under privileged children in Sihanoukville
Oral Health promotion in schools in Kampong Cham, Cambodia
China A campain on "Love Teeth Day" celebrated nation-wide each year, pictures included
Milk fluoridation project (WHO) in Beijing
An oral health education programme in Wuhan City
An oral health education and supervised tooth brushing programme in kindergartens
Japan A school-based fluoride mouth rinse programme for preschool children
Visual Support Material for Children with Autism in order to Master Toothbrushing Skills
Korea, Republic of Community based caries prevention programme in a suburban area
Lao People's Democratic Republic Estimating the fluoride concentration in drinking waters in some provinces, including pictures and Fluoride Map
Caries prevalence and some caries related factors for 12-year-old children from different villages in Vientiane and Luang Prabang provinces in Laos, pictures and graphs included
Source: Oral Health Division, (Publications), Ministry of Health, Malaysia (accessed September 2007).
Oral Healthcare 2005 (pdf)
Oral Health Care for Pre-School Children (pdf)
A School-Based Fissure Sealant Programme (pdf)
Oral Health Status (Malaysian Adults) (pdf)
Oral Healthcare for the Elderly in Malaysia (pdf)
Mongolia Mission Report 1999 with recommendations to improve oral health
Philippines Mission Report 1998 on planning and implementing a national oral health survey
The Essential Health Care Package- “Fit for School” programme
Tokelau Mission Report 1999 on recommendation to improve oral health
Tonga Mission Report 1997 reviewing the oral health programme
Vanuatu Mission Report 1997 reviewing the oral health situation
Viet Nam School-based Oral Health Programme with pictures
Mission report 1999 with recommendation for oral health training
Oral Health Program in South Central Vietnam 



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