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Country Bank of Ideas
Austria Oral Health Promotion Programme for preschool children, Vorarlberg, Austria
Bulgaria A community based milk fluoridation programme 1988-1993
The clinical effect of milk fluoridation for school children in Bulgaria
Croatia Healthy Smile Day
France A School Based Oral Health Education Programme
Germany Third German Oral Health Study - 1997, Summary
An Oral health programme for children attending kindergartens in two Counties in Northern Hesse, Germany
Romania Fluoride mouth rinsing Programme in Schools in Constanta and Iasi connties (2001-2010)
Russia Programme focusing educating parents of infants on the prevention of caries, Moscow, Russia
Sweden School based fluoride mouth rinsing programme
An oral health programme for preschool children in a multicultural city area
The Oral Health Lift - An Oral Health Promotion Programme for the Homeless and other socially vulnerable people in Malmo

School based fluoride varnish application programme in Sweden

Turkey Ongoing Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) Programme in some rural areas
A reliable and practical dental preventive/education program model for Turkey - "brushes in the bags, teeth on the healthy-way"
UK Fissure Sealant Programme for Schoolchildren in Wales
Boost Better Breaks - A School based Public Health Programme in Northern Ireland
Training programme for nursing staff on oral health care of elderly residents of nursing homes in Scotland
An Oral Cancer Awareness Campaign Programme, Scotland
Designed to Smile - Promoting Better Oral Health and Delivering Fluoride Supplementation to Children in Wales
Childsmile – the national child oral health improvement programme for Scotland


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