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Country Bank of Ideas
Antigua & Barbuda School based Fluoride rinse programme, 1989-1998
Argentina A school based oral health preventive programme conducted by a group of dentists
Brazil Atraumatic Restorative Treatment .. for a disadvantaged Brazilian Community
Chile A school based oral health programme in Cabildo (2008)
Fluoridated milk programme for rural primary school children
Fluoridated powdered milk programme for the prevention of dental caries
El Salvador Community-based programme for prevention of dental caries among young children in rural El Salvador
Honduras Oral Health Education and Care for a resource poor Honduran community
Oral Health and Care in Delicias
United States of America Oral Health related Information by State and Territory
Preventing Dental Caries with Community Programs
A public health programme for Navajo Indians in Pine Hill, New Mexico
Oral health Education and Sealant program me for West Philadelphina Schoolchildren

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