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Methods and Indices

Here you find description of some methods and indices used in oral health epidemiological surveys - for example 'Pathfinder survey', DMFT-calculations and more. Recording forms are also available.


who_oral_health_survey_cover_150The WHO manual “Oral Health Surveys – Basic Methods”  provides WHO recommended standardized reporting system when conducting national oral health surveys, enabling inter- and intra-country comparisons of oral health status.

Download WHO Oral Health Surveys, 5th ed, 2013.

Also see extracts from WHO Oral Health Surveys, 4th ed, 1997 and 3rd ed, 1987 below.

Measurement of dental diseases

Dentition status
Tooth status
Caries Prevalence DMFT/DMFS
Significant Caries Index (SiC)
Dental fluorosis
Pathfinder survey

Oral Hygiene Indices

Oral Hygiene Index (Greene and Vermilion, 1960)
Simplified Oral Hygiene Index | OHI-S
Silness-Löe Index
Quigely Hein Index (modified)
Plaque Control Record

Calculation of Incidence Rate of Cancer

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Assessment form for clinical investigations

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