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Global DMFT for 12-year-olds: 2011

The estimated global caries burden of disease in 2011, for the indicator age of 12-year-olds expressed using the DMFT index:
  • Global weighted mean DMFT value for 12 year olds in 2011: 1.67 (189 countries). (3)
  • Percentage of countries having DMFT 3 or less (WHO goal): 78% (148 out of 189 countries) (122,494,155 children out of a total of 131,380,599 in 189 countries have DMFT 3 or less).
  • Globally, 219,405,600 (131,380,599 x 1.67) teeth of 12-year-old are affected by caries. 

Global DMFT for 12-year-olds - trends

Global DMFT Publication Year
2.43 Leclercq et al, 1987 (1) 1980
2.78 Leclercq et al, 1987 (1) 1985
1.74 CAPP (www.mah.se/capp) 2001
1.61 Bratthall, 2005 (2) 2004
1.67 Natarajan, 2011 (3) 2011


WHO Region specific weighted DMFT among 12-yar-olds

WHO Regions DMFT
2004 (2) 2011 (3)
AFRO 1.15 1.19
AMRO 2.76 2.35
EMRO 1.58 1.63
EURO 2.57 1.95
SEARO 1.12 1.87
WPRO 1.48 1.39
Global 1.61 1.67


Data sources: Population estimates are based on CIA- The World Fact Book, accessed in February 2011. Caries data for 12-year-olds are DMFT values presented in the CAPP database, February 2011 updates.

World population:

World population: 6,928,198,253 (at the time of estimation, 2011).

Number of countries included in the estimation: 189; Total population in these 189 countries: 6,901,279,239; and 12 year old population: 131,380,599.

Method used for calculation is based on that used in Bratthall's 2004 estimate (2).

Global weighted DMFT= ({DMFTi x Populationi}) / Total

Populationi : 12-year-old population in every country. This data was not specifically available in the World Fact Book, hence was calculated using the percentage of 0-14 year old of the total population and 1/14 of which was taken to be 12 year olds. 

Three countries for which either the national population or the percentage of 0-14 year old data was missing, namely Martinique, Reunion and Niue, were given the mean of the sample countries. 

Countries with DMFT data missing: Azerbaijan, Chad, Comoros, Equatorial Guinea, Marshall Island, Monaco, Republic of Nauru, Sao Tome, Principe, Andora, Yugoslavia, Guinea, Holy see (Vatican City), Qatar, Timor-Leste (same as in 2004, except Seychelles- DMFT data made available since the last estimation)


1) Leclercq MH, Barmes DE, Sardo-Infirri J. Oral Health: Global trends and projections, World health statistics quarterly (Wld hlth statist quart), 1987; 40: 116-128.

2) Bratthall D. Estimation of global DMFT for 12-year-olds in 2004. Int Dent J. 2005; 55:370-2.

3) Natarajan, N. Cariogenicity: Macrosocioeconomics Vs Saccharophagy. Role of socio-politicoeconomics and sugar consumption in tooth decay among 12 year olds. A global ecological crossectional study. Master Thesis, Lund University, Sweden. 2011 (pages 40-41)

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