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Global DMFT for 12-year-olds: 2004

The estimated global caries burden of disease in February 2004, for the indicator age of 12-year-olds expressed using the DMFT index:

  • Global weighted mean DMFT value for 12 year olds: 1.61 (188 countries).
  • Per cent of countries having 3 DMFT or less: 74% (139 countries).
  • These 139 countries represent 86 % of the World population in 2004.
  • Globally, 200,335,280 teeth are either Decayed, Missing due to caries (extracted) or Filled - this is just for one age group - the 12-year-olds.

The weighted DMFT means among 12-year-olds in 2004 for each WHO Region:

WHO Regions DMFT
AFRO 1.15
AMRO 2.76
EMRO 1.58
EURO 2.57
SEARO 1.12
WPRO 1.48
Global 1.61


Data sources:

Population estimates are based on the World Fact Book for the year 2003. 

Caries data for 12-year-olds are DMFT values from most recent studies presented in this database in February 2004.

World population:  The total population for the countries included was 6,133,917,030 people.

When calculating the weighted mean DMFT for 12-year-olds, 1/14th of a total global population of 0-14-year-olds was taken resulting in 124,623,965 children who were 12 years old globally.

The proportions of 0-14 years age group to the total population range from 14% to 51%, giving a mean of 30.89% and this value was used for Cook Island and Niue where World Fact Book did not have any data. 


Bratthall D. Estimation of global DMFT for 12-year-olds in 2004. Int Dent J. 2005;55:370-2.

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