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Studenter och personal på Malmö högskola ställer ut foton, teckningar och målningar på Orkanenbiblioteket.
Välkommen på vernissage 17 oktober kl.16!

Lei Shen

Namn: Lei Shen 

Jag arbetar vid detta område på MAH: Jag arbetar på GV ekonomi (LS)

E-post: lei.shen@mah.se 

Mina verk skulle jag beskriva så här: Jag målar akvarell- och oljemålning. Motiv och inspiration brukar hämtas i mitt vardagsliv. Jag gillar mest att måla porträtt, stilleben och abstrakt. Ibland lär jag mig måleri teknik genom att måla av andra konstnärers konstverk.


Mattias Löfgren

Namn: Mattias Wellander Löfgren 

Jag studerar vid detta område på MAH: Fritidslärare

E-post: fotografmattias@hotmail.se

Mina verk skulle jag beskriva så här: Min bilder är tagna i Senegal när jag var där på semester med min familj. Vi var bjudna på bröllop genom vår vän Helena från Sverige som hade träffat en man från landet. Det var en fantastisk resa med många fina möten.


Ida Scharla Löjman

Namn: Ida Løjmand

I study at this faculty at MAH: Human rights, Global Political Studies

E-mail: idaloejmand@live.com

I would describe my works of art like this: My works are mostly classic pencil drawings. I like to portray humans in all moods and situations but preferably something with a melancholic touch. In a pastel coloured Instagram age, I think it’s important to remember that you cannot and should not be happy all the time in order to not loose touch with the world. I want to present the nuances of life in the nuances of the pencils.


Lenard George

Name: Lenard George

I'm studying in this area at MAH: Masters in Interaction Design

Email: lenardgeorge92@gmail.com

My works should I describe like this: "Predator instincts" is a series of work that amalgamates the physical nature of glass and rocks with organic nature of animal faces. Portrays the bold and focused looks these animals when they are on a lookout.


Sofia Evers

Namn: Sofia Evers

Jag studerar vid detta område på MAH: Two courses: Designing for Wearables and Character Design

E-post: mail@sofiaevers.com

Mina verk skulle jag beskriva så här: After drawing countless self portraits, I still don't know what I look like through another persons eyes. Physically I don't look like any of the women in these drawings, yet I want to call them self portraits, as the aim of them is to capture the essence of my being and my emotions. The series also functions as a diary, documenting my feelings over time. All the drawings are made in September 2017.


James Morrison Knight

Name: James Morrison-Knight

I study at this faculty at MAH: GPS

E-mail: jamesmorrisonknight@gmail.com

I would describe my works of art like this: I never usually capture portraits, but on a recent trip to Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe the people I met introduced this type of photography to me. Ordinarily I enjoy trying to capture candid street photos, and I was a bit hesitant on this trip to take impromptu pictures of people because I didn’t want to be disrespectful and end up being the typical ‘white tourist with a camera’ that takes pictures but doesn’t interact. However, in most places what I found while walking around with a camera in my hand was that people would approach me and ask for their picture to be taken. With just about all of the people it was very playful to capture the images, and I got to know some wonderful people. 
I made the selection based on the themes of: strength, integrity, and playfulness inspiration. I wanted to display some of the images that mean a lot to me, and I won’t say anything else, as I don’t want to overly romanticise or exoticise these images and what they represent.
I’ll leave it to you, with a question: what are the people communicating to you in these pictures?



Name: Beatrice Ioana Duiculescu

I study at this faculty at MAH: Faculty of Culture and Society

E-mail: beatrice.duiculescu@yahoo.com

I would describe my works of art like this: Drawing only in pencil is a perfect way for me to express myself. It taught me the art of control in terms of contrast. It taught me I can draw almost everything with patience and love for my work.


Zarifa Dag

Name: Zarifa Dag

I study at this faculty at MAH: Faculty of Culture and Society

E-mail: zdag0001@um.edu.mt

I would describe my works of art like this: Personal Reflection 

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