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  • Vernisage för Students artists' book of Sege Park
    The works are presented by students as the first part of the course Strategic Communication and Urban Development within the bachelor program “Architecture, Visualization and Communication”. They are made during March 2019.
    När & var: 29 mars på Forskargatan i Orkanenbiblioteket, kl. 15:00
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  • Vernissage i Forskarnas galleri #5
    People have the power: IOTAP on exhibit. Lär dig mer om pågående forskning på Centrumbildningen Internet of Things and People (IOTAP). Upplev och undersök olika applikationer. Och testa den specialutvecklade appen ”Walk the library”.
    När & var: 14 mars i Orkanenbiblioteket, kl. 16:15
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  • "Visions and Challenges for IoT User Experience in 2025"
    Join IOTAP for an engaging panel discussion between research and industry on the future of how people will interact with the Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence along with smart connected devices and services are disrupting all aspects of life, from work, to play and how we learn. We have opportunities to help shape how society works across people and business. Together with the panel you are invited to discuss how we can design our future with a focus on empowering people to improve society.
    När & var: 14 mars kl. 15:15, sal ORC:528 Orkanenbiblioteket.
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  • Vernissage i Studenternas galleri #25
    När & var: 26 februari kl. 16:00 Orkanenbiblioteket
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