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Urban Seminar Series: Urban Borderlands

We are pleased to invite you to the Urban Seminar series at Malmö University Spring 2017. We have invited three exciting scholars who will speak on the topic of Urban Borderlands. Please save the dates, and help us circulate the invitation to friends and colleagues that you think might be interested.

When: Selected Fridays 14:00 – 16:00 (no 'academic quarter'!)
Where: Niagara Hörsal (Auditorium) A & B, Ground floor

Sign-up by sending an email to vitor.peiteado@mah.se

March 10


The world's borders within the city

Speaker: dr. Anna Lazzarini. Researcher at the International University of Languages and Media (Milano, Italy).

Anna is currently a researcher in Moral Philosophy in the Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising, at the Free University of Language and Communication IULM in Milano. Her Main areas of interest include City: the theory and practice of urban spaces, Modernity and the metropolis or Philosophy and globalization: cultural, political and social rights in the global age. She has extensively written about these topics in Italian, but also in English, being the piece Metamorphosis of city borders her main contribution in the topic of urban borderlands.

May 5

Europe's last frontier: The spatialities of the refugee crisis

Speaker: prof. Dimitris Dalakoglou. Vrije University Amsterdam

Dimitris is a Professor of Social Anthropology at Vrije University Amsterdam. His work focuses on the anthropology of infrastructures, mobility and urban public spaces and he carries out an anthropological research of the Greek Crisis since 2010.

His books include: Critical Times in Greece (2017), The Road (2016),  Crisis-scapes: Athens and Beyond (2014), Roads and Anthropology, (2014, 2012) and Revolt and Crisis in Greece (2011). Over 60 articles and book chapters of his have been published since 2010 and he was also an associate and advisory editor of the International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest.

He has co-researched and have co-produced the documentaries Future Suspended, the Politics of Knives, and Landscapes of Emergency and he co-organises the Amsterdam Ethnographic Film Festival and the Amsterdam Anthropology Lecture Series.

Dimitris is also an editor for Anthropology in the journal ‘City’ and ‘Annuac: The  journal of the association of anthropology of Italy’ and is on the Advisory board of the journal ‘Anthropology and Materialism’. 

May 26

Lives in the borderland: Coexistence, identity and contestation in urban China

Speaker: Prof. Deljana Iossifova. Lecturer in Urban Studies at the University of Manchester.

Deljana is a lecturer in Urban Studies at the University of Manchester. Her research is focused on urban transformations with a special focus on East Asia. Currently, she is working on ‘Defining the Urban’, a book project which seeks to define the term ‘urban’ in different academic disciplines and professional fields. Other projects include the ‘ESRC Strategic Network on Data and Cities as Complex Adaptative Systems’ with partners in the UK, China, Brazil and Japan; the visual ethnography of ‘Sanitation and Differentiation in Urban China’. Some of her most recent works include articles like Ferocious Architecture: Sovereign Space/Places by Design or Borderland Urbanism: seeing between enclaves. 

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