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MoveON Application

Click here for the application form - log in with your Malmö University Computer ID

Please read through the information below before starting your application

Open the online application through the link above. You log in using your Malmö University computer identity. Complete all the necessary information, the fields which are marked with a (*) are obligatory.


  • The application does not support older versions of Internet Explorer web-browser (under 10). We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • Use your Malmö University Computer ID to log-in. If you have forgotten your username or password, contact the IT support
  • Choose your 1-5 preferred mobilities (GPS students can choose max 4) under the page "Preferred Exchange". Please note that you can only apply for universities that are listed in the announcement of your faculty/department.
  • Add one Study Plan for each choice of university.
  • When you have completed each section, tick the box "mark page as complete" and save progress in case you need to exit and complete the form later. After each section is complete, and all necessary documents uploaded, you may go to "Submit Application" and submit the form. Now your application is generated and sent to our database. You can no longer make any changes.
  • To generate the PDF document, your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If you cannot print out the PDF-file straight away, you can choose to save the file on your computer or on a USB memory stick.
  • Print out the application pdf and sign it (under the section Disclaimer). Attach your supporting documents and make the number of copies as described in the announcement. Hand in the applications according to the instructions in the announcement.

Questions regarding the online application? Please contact titti.kjellander@mah.se 

If your personal details are confidential, please contact Titti Kjellander, responsible for the MoveON database at the International Office, for help.
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