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How to choose courses

Malmö University offers a range of subject courses and study programmes in English.

As an exchange student you can choose from all available subject courses within your field of interest and study. It is the school/faculty where the course is given that makes the decision about admitting you to the course or not.

Some courses have special requirements of previous studies within the field, and some do not. For information about how to choose courses, please refer to the FAQ further down on this webpage. For more information about each course simply click on the link below.

Courses - Please note: You use this list to search for courses and to get information about course content, syllabus and course dates. You do NOT, however, apply for your courses here. You list your choice of courses in the Course selection form (please see below) and send together with your application documents. The list of courses is usually complete around mid-March for Autumn Semester and mid-September for Spring Semester.

Please contact the International Coordinator at your faculty if you wish to:

  • Study a course offered within a study programme 
  • Do a practical placement.

All courses taught in English require English language proficiency.

For more information see English Language Requirements

Courses FAQ

How many credits worth of courses should I choose?

One academic year of full-time studies is equivalent to 60 credits, so during one semester you need to study 30 credits. It is very important that you make sure you don't choose full-time 15 credit-courses that run during the same dates!

How does the credit system work at Malmö University?

Do not choose more than 30 credits worth of courses.  If you want to select some alternative courses you should list these in the section called Changes at your Selection of Courses Form.

The number of credits are described as:


30 credits are equivalent to one whole semester full-time studies.

15 credits are equivalent to half a semester studies. Either as full-time studies during one half of the semester, or as part-time (50%) studies during the whole semester.

7,5 credits are equivalent to one quarter of a semester. Either as full-time studies during one quarter of a semester, or as part-time (25%) studies during the whole semester.

Where can I find more information on the course content?

The structure of the course is explained in the Course Syllabus. Click on the course that interests you in the list of available courses via www.mah.se and then on the tab “Syllabus”.

On the right side of the syllabus you will find information about the period of study and the course workload percentage.

Can I choose any course or are there admission requirements?

As an exchange student you can choose almost any of the courses that are offered under the condition that you fulfil the entry requirements for the specific course. The requirements for each course can be found in the course syllabus.
Please note: The level of the course is related to the progression within the specific subject and not to how many years you have studied. I.e. level II is not equivalent to year 2 of university studies, but to the "chapter" of that specific subject.

Can I choose distance/flexible courses?

No, you cannot choose distance/flexible courses since this defeats the purpose of doing an exchange at a host University. Instead, the courses need to take place on campus.

I am interested in a course that has a workload of 50%. Can I combine it with another course?

If the workload is 50% and the course lasts the entire semester, it should be possible to combine it with another course taught at 50%. However, always check when the course starts and ends before making your selection of part-time courses. It will be difficult to combine a 15 credits course that is taught 50% day-time with one that is taught 100% day-time during one half of the semester. 

How to find your course as an exchange student:

  1. Choose your Education: course, not programme
  2. Choose your level:  Bachelor or Master
  3. Choose your pace: You can pick both full-time and part-time. Remember you want a total of 30 credits, but you can make this up in different ways: 
    1 x 30 credit course
    2 x 15 credit courses
    1 x 15 credit course and 2 x 7,5 credit courses
    4 x 7,5 credit courses

Remember to check the course dates if you want to assemble 30 credits made up of e.g. 1 x 15 credit course and 2 x 7,5 credit courses so these don’t all run simultaneously!

  1. Choose your semester
  2. Choose your language: English

Are all the courses offered during the autumn and spring semester?

Some courses are and some are not. You need to make sure that the course you want to study is offered during the semester you are in Malmö since some courses are only given during one semester per academic year.

What Swedish language course does Malmö University offer for exchange students?

All exchange students are offered a language course during the Introduction Programme. It is called Swedish for Exchange Students: Beginners I (4.5 credits). If you wish to continue with the next level, you are welcome to do so. You will receive more information on this at the end of the course.

Can I choose the language course Swedish Language, Culture and Society I (10 credits)?

No, you can’t. This course is specifically aimed at Degree students, and is not open for exchange students. The course content is however very similar to the Swedish course offered to exchange students so don’t worry that you will miss out on the content of the course.

The only exception to take this course is if you will arrive after the Introduction Weeks and will therefore miss Swedish for Exchange Students: Beginners I (4.5 credits).

Can I add the course Swedish for Exchange Students: Beginners I to my total of 30 credits during the semester? 
No, the course Swedish for Exchange Students: Beginners I is additional to your other course credits. If you are interested in this course, please tick the box on the MoveON application form. You do not need to list the course in the Course Selection Form.

Is it easy to change my course choice once the semester starts?

It can be problematic to change since many of the courses get full. Think about your choice(s) carefully because it is unlikely you can make any changes after your arrival at Malmö University.

Also note that if you arrive after the first week of the semester, this can cause registration problems at the courses you have chosen.

Who can I contact if I have questions concerning my course choice?

The International Coordinator at the faculty/department where you intend to study

The Credit System

The degree structure creates three levels of higher education – a first level, second level, and third level, each with minimum requirements for entry. Degrees awarded at each level are defined in terms of the expected results and abilities of students (“learning outcomes”). Higher education institutions should specify objectives for all courses at the first and second levels, describing the student’s expected learning outcomes at the conclusion of the course. This clarifies the knowledge each student is expected to possess at the end of the course in order to pass the course.

One academic year of full-time studies is equivalent to 60 higher education credits.

Full-time studies correspond approximately to a 40-hour work week. Students normally study only one course at a time. Most students study one subject course of 30 credits per semester, normally divided into shorter courses with an exam at the end of the course. You only apply for the 30 credit course, and the structure of the course is explained in the course information.

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