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The Centre for Teaching and Learning

Christel Brost, Gun Normark, Caroline Mellgren och Jonas Larsen på workshop om samverkan i utbildningar.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (Centrum för akademiskt lärarskap, AKL) at Malmö University is a university-wide organisation offering a number of different opportunities for professional development in teaching, including:

  • Training for teaching staff in teaching and learning in higher education – credit-earning courses
  • Professional development training in teaching and learning  in higher education through workshops, theme days and conferences
  • Training for supervisors of doctoral students
  • Higher education development support

Our activities are to respond to the professional development needs of our teaching staff, but also to encourage innovation by creating forums where higher education issues can be discussed. We are therefore both dependent on and interested in hearing your suggestions for thematic courses, workshops/theme days and lecturers. If you're in need of higher education development support, please contact your head of department.

The entire staff of AKL currently teach at Malmö University, and have a special interest and expertise in higher education teaching and learning.

Courses, workshops and theme days on teaching and learning in higher education

All teaching staff at Malmö University must undergo training in teaching and learning in higher education prior to appointment/promotion. In accordance with the university’s appointment rules, the training must amount to at least 15 credits (10 weeks).

University teachers may be given credit for courses studied at other higher education institutions, even if they were only recorded in number of weeks, not credits. All course certificates, syllabi and reading lists submitted by the applicant for consideration will be compared with the learning outcomes of the courses in teaching and learning in higher education offered by AKL at Malmö University.

There are also national guidelines (recommendations from the Association of Swedish Higher Education, SUHF) with regard to learning outcomes for and mutual recognition of courses in teaching and learning in higher education. The Centre for Teaching and Learning at Malmö University offers courses that correspond to Malmö University’s qualifications requirements and fulfil the national learning outcomes.

The following courses in teaching and learning in higher education are available in English:


Scholarship of University Teaching

Collaborative Learning in Digital Learning Environments

This is an online course and is offered together with other higher education institutions.

Acquired Pedagogical Qualifications for Higher Education

Applicants for this course are required to have documented experience of teaching in higher education. The course focuses on the duties involved in higher education teaching. The theme of the course consists of the participants’ knowledge and experience obtained from working in higher education, including course development or educational development, participation in workshops on teaching and learning in higher education, etc. These experiences will be considered from different theoretical perspectives and critically assessed.

Please note that you have to apply to the courses through antagning.se. Even though you are a member of staff at Malmö University you need to demonstrate that you fulfill the requirements and send your documentation. If you want to learn more, please contact us!

Supervisor training

The supervisor training course at Malmö University is offered once a year in Swedish (read more about the course in Swedish). If you prefer to study the course in English through our partnership with Lund University, please contact Patricia Staaf. The same admission requirements apply to both courses.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the course, applicants must have obtained a PhD, followed by at least one further research publication or work accepted for publication. Furthermore, the applicant must have at least one year’s worth of experience supervising Master’s students, and have completed 15 credits in teaching and learning in higher education.

The course is primarily intended for permanent employees of Malmö University.

The supervisor training course is taught in Swedish. Please contact Patricia Staaf for information about similar courses taught in English.


Do you offer Swedish language courses for employees?

AKL occasionally organises courses in Swedish for teaching purposes. There is no course available at the moment, but please feel free to contact us if you want more information.

I studied teaching and learning at my home university, does that count?

If you have completed 15 credits of teaching and learning in higher education at another higher education institution, you have automatically fulfilled the requirement of training in teaching and learning in higher education for appointment at Malmö University. A person who has undergone some training in teaching and learning in higher education must supplement their training to obtain a total of 15 credits to become eligible for employment.