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MUSA Brown Bag Seminars 2017

Bring your own lunch and come and join as we present extracts from current PhD research within MUSA. 


Usually Mondays 12.15 – 13.30 (50 % and 90 % seminars are prolonged; 12.15 – 14.00). Chaired by main supervisor. 


see Ph.D. presentations on www.mah.se/musa


Niagara, NIC0826 - meeting room 

Monday 28 August

The looping effects of the European Social Fund: Governing unemployment and social exclusion in Malmö, Sweden

90 % seminar, Malin McGlinn, US


Randi Gressgård, Bergen University.

Internal reading group

Malin Ideland, LS

Victor Lundberg, GPS 

Stig Westerdahl, US

Monday 25 September

New Public Housing – For the Benefit of Everyone?
The Significance of The Swedish ‘Allmännytta’ For Urban Housing Inequality

75 % seminar, Martin Grander, US


Dalia Mukhtar Landgren (Dr political science Dept. of Political Science Lund University) 

Internal reading group

Christian Fernandez, GPS 

Karin Grundström, US

Tomas Wikström, US 

Tuesday 7 November

Exploring Justice Dimensions of Cycling Developments – The case of MalmöbyBike

50% seminar, Zahra Hamidi, US


Malene Freudendal-Pedersen, Roskilde University.

Internal reading group

Tomas Wiklund, US

Tuija Muhonen, US

Karin Brundell Freij, K2

Thursday 9 November

Domicide: Displacement and Disposession under a neoliberal housing regime

50 % seminar, Emil Pull, US


09.00 - 11.00


Anders Lund Hansen, Lund University

Internal reading group

Per-Markku Ristilammi, US

Stig Westerdahl, US

Marwa Dabaieh, US

Monday 20 November

A Deleuzian analysis of urban social movements: from the struggle for the right to housing to the new municipalism in Spain

50% seminar, Vítor Peiteado Fernández, US


Kristine Samson (Roskilde University)

Monday 18 December 

(Please note! This seminar will be in Swedish)

Preliminär titel: Vägar till bostad, vägar hem – en etnografisk studie av nyanländas bostadspraktiker.

50 % seminarium, Mikaela Herbert, US

Vägar till bostad, vägar hem – en etnografisk studie av nyanländas bostadspraktiker.
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