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Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare

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was established in January 2007 as a research institute at Malmö University. It is a vibrant Swedish centre for research on migration, diversity and welfare, while at the same time keeping a high international profile. MIM Academic Record 2014

Joint Workshop on Methodology in Migration Studies

Call for papers - MIM welcomes application proposals on migration studies of PhD students at Malmö University from all faculties!  Deadline for providing application is December 1th. Workshop will take place in Barcelona, 3rd – 4th February 2016.  

guest professor Giuseppe Sciortino

The Migration Seminar: Ethnicity, Race, Nationhood, Foreigness, Ets

Welcome to a research seminar with Giuseppe Sciortino, Guest Professor in Memory of Willy Brandt at MIM/Malmö University for  2015-2016 on Thursday November 26 at 14.15-16.00. There will be mingle after the seminar at 9th floor.


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