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Malmö University Collaboration prize 2017

Students and staff are hereby invited to submit nominations for the Malmö University Collaboration Prize 2016. The prize is awarded to a person, a group of individuals or an organisational unit at Malmö University. Nominations must include a justification based on the three evaluation criteria in the form below. It is important to fill in all fields in the form to be able to receive a full assessment. 

Deadline for nominating a candidate: September 15, 2017 


• Collaboration has contributed to new knowledge, understanding of and solutions to societal challenges.
• Collaboration has contributed to develop and strengthen the quality and relevance of the education and research at Malmö University.
• Collaboration has profiled Malmö University as an important collaboration partner.
• In addition to the above criteria, the nomination should include a description of how the collaborative activities have included elements of multidisciplinary, cross-border collaboration with public, private or non-profit sector.