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Knowledge for Change: Thomas Popkewitz

Malmö University is delighted to invite you to attend the second of our Knowledge for Change seminars featuring world-renowned academics and esteemed experts in their respective fields.

On this occasion, we are honoured to present to you Professor Thomas S. Popkewitz from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently a guest professor at Faculty of Education and Society, Malmö University.

He will present his lecture, The Promise of Empirical Evidence and Benchmarks: the Lorelei's Whispers.

Seminar details:
Date: October 17 
Time: 15.00 until 17.00
Location: Niagara, room B2, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö.

The event will be moderated by Professor Malin Ideland, Malmö University.  

Seminar abstract

Today, education at all levels is governed by evaluations and benchmarking. Assessments by the OECD, the Swedish Higher Education Authority and global ranking systems provide the evidence for policy makers and administrators.Statistics are quoted as scientific evidence, revealing the truth about how Swedish research and education is and how it should be. But does this evidence, which governs organisations, research and education, reveal the truth?

Thomas S. Popkewitz investigates the lure of using such evidence to control and understand the education system. What does it do with our perception of education, learning, teachers and students?
Part of the discussion will relate to research sponsored by Vetenskapsrådet.

More information

About Thomas S. Popkewitz 

Thomas S. Popkewitz is a Professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His studies are concerned with the systems of reason that govern educational reforms, teacher education, and the politics of research. 

Thomas He has honorary doctorates from Umeå University in Sweden, and five other European universities; and is a Senior International Academician in the Russian Academy of Education. 

Professor Popkewitz has received numerous fellowships from different national and international scientific bodies and social science research institutes, conducted international and comparative research on educational reform and teacher education, and provided keynote speeches at major international and national conferences. 

He has conducted international assessments of Swedish educational research and co-organised a Swedish international conference on “Education, International Assessments and Its Expertise”. 

He teaches courses about the history and political sociology of school reforms related to pedagogy, paradigms of educational research in curriculum studies, and comparative curriculum studies. His studies are in cultural history, curriculum studies, educational reforms, and the cultural sociology of the social and education sciences.  

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