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Dental care

To meet the needs of various patient groups in Region Skåne, TMD and orofacial pain treatment is offered by:

  • Undergraduate students in dental training
  • Postgraduate students in specialist training
  • Licensed specialists for complex orofacial pain or TMD


Student clinic

As part of their education, prospective dentists (dental students) are trained in the treatment of commonly occurring conditions and treatment alternatives. They are also prepared to care for patients with discomfort and pain conditions of a chronic nature.

Postgraduate and teacher clinic

Licensed specialists (teachers at the Faculty of Odontology) and specialists-in-training treat patients referred for more complex conditions than can be treated at the student clinic. Such conditions include chronic pain in the face or jaws, difficulties moving the jaw or opening the mouth wide, recurrent headache, bruxism, abrasion (tooth attrition) and sleep disorders. The therapies we offer include pharmacology, bite stabilisation, sensory stimulation and behavioural therapy.


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