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GPS seminar november 29

Cosmopolitanism, peace and German idealism: presentation of previous and ongoing research


Rebecka Lettevall 

(Dean, KS, Associate professor (docent) in History of Ideas)

Most of my research has been within the area of cosmopolitanism, peace and German idealism. It has its roots in Kantian philosophy read from the perspective of the Third critique. My ambition is to illuminate contemporary problems from the perspective of intellectual history. At this seminar I will present the projects: East of Cosmopolis: The world citizen and the paradox of the sans-papiers(http://www.sh.se/p3/ext/content.nsf/aget?openagent&key=projekt_page_eng_1304081457573)  and The history of the idea of peace. I will also present an outline of the research I plan to do within Demokraft network – a rousseauian approach to democracy and its enemies.

Brief info: http://forskning.mah.se/id/ah3090

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