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The research milieu "Health, Care & Profession in a Life Course Perspective"



Globally, health and social care systems are facing major challenges. As professionals within this context, there is a need to be able to deal with both societal and contextual issues such as increased health inequalities, unequal access to health and social care, as well as to higher education. Worldwide and particularly the Nordic countries face demographic changes likely to result in an increased life span accompanied by more health problems and an everyday life influenced by lifelong conditions.

The Nordic welfare model is also challenged by a need to better integrate vulnerable social groups. Consequently the increased complexity of health and social care and the need to acknowledge cultural- and gender aspects pose advanced research questions, likely to only be answered by complex multidisciplinary research designs.

The research milieu “Health, Care & Profession in a Life Course Perspective” aims to develop and conduct basic and applied programmatic research addressing the following three themes: i) Existential phenomenon in the care of older people, ii) Health Geography and the transition from health to ill-health and iii) Profession and education in an evolving context.

The first theme covers existential questions for example phenomenon such as existential loneliness and hope. While the second theme focus on: social interactions between providers of health and social care and persons in need of such care; the transition from health to frailty and increased co-morbidity extending over the life-course with quality of life and time and space as important perspectives. Whereas, the third and final theme address questions in relation to professional challenges in higher educational and clinical settings focusing innovation, technology and implementation of the core competencies for the health and social care professions.

Goal & Impact of Research

Research within this milieu aims to contribute to new and/or in-depth knowledge within the area of health and ill health in relation to the quality of care, quality of life but also in relation to clinical practice and higher education. Our goal is to conduct high quality research that improves practice and the health and social care provision. Thus, research contributing to cost-effective and evidence-based care, influence policy development, and research that are nationally and internationally recognized. Knowledge development in the milieu´s themes will promote an evidence-based practice.


  • Foster the development of nurse researchers through collaborative research opportunities.
  • Provide a mentoring process that supports the development of new researchers.
  • Increase the number of successful applications for external research grants.
  • Secure funding allowing for acceptance of doctoral students.
  • Continuous methodological development.
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