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PhD studies in Sweden

A PhD is the most advanced academic qualification awarded in Sweden. It marks the culmination of a programme of doctoral studies that comprise 240 credits, a total of four years of full-time study, in which the doctoral thesis is to account for at least 120 credits.

A licentiate degree corresponds to two years of full-time study and at least 60 credits have to be awarded for a licentiate thesis. It is possible to enrol third-cycle students who intend only to take a licentiate degree.

Qualifications for admission

If you want to be admitted to doctoral studies you need to have completed courses for at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 must be for second-cycle courses and study programmes, or possess a second-cycle degree, a corresponding degree from outside Sweden or the corresponding qualifications.

Funding and finance

The most common and secure way of funding postgraduate study in Sweden is through appointment to a doctoral studentship. Some PhD candidates have doctoral grants and the rest some other form of funding through their institution of higher education or external funding.

Read more about PhD studies in Sweden in The Swedish National Agency for Higher Educations Handbook for Postgraduate Students

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