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PhD courses at Malmö University

Our basic offer of courses that comprise in total 22 credits are open for all PhD candidates at Malmö University. PhD candidates from other universities may be admitted if places are available.

Examination in the courses is the general way for PhD candidates to fulfill the generic requirements in the Swedish third-cycle outcomes of knowledge and understanding. In addition, we also offer several optional courses.

The courses open for application four months before the course starts. Language is English unless otherwise indicated.
We offer a limited number of places. If there are more applicants than places available, the following priority. The processing time is two weeks. You will be notified at least six weeks before the start of the course if it is possible for you to get a seat or not.

Open for application
Theory of Science, 6 credits 

Communicating research, 5hp

Current courses

Supporting the learning of others, 5 credits 

Upcoming courses
Research Ethics and Responsible Conduct in Research, 4 credits

Theory of Science, 6 credits 

Academic writing and publishing, 5 credits

Research methodology:Quantitative and mixed research methodology,
5 credits

Research methodology: Qualitative and mixed research methodology,
5 credits

Feminist Theories on Science and Knowledge, 4 credits