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PhD courses at Malmö University

Our basic offer of courses that comprise in total 22 credits are open for all PhD candidates at Malmö University. PhD candidates from other universities may be admitted if places are available.

Examination in the courses is the general way for PhD candidates to fulfill the generic requirements in the Swedish third-cycle outcomes of knowledge and understanding. In addition, we also offer several optional courses.

Courses autumn 2015

Introduction for Doctorate Candidates at Malmö University
Not credits The application
Course dates: 14-15/10 and 28-29/10 
Language: English  
Application deadline 9 October.  

Courses 2015:

Academic teaching 5 hp  (The application is now closed)
Language: Swedish
The course is full.

Introduction for Doctorate Candidates at Malmö University
Not credits (The application is now closed)
Last day to sign up is on Friday March 6th.

Course dates: 11-12/03 and 25-26/03
Language: English  

Research methodology,  5 credits (The application is now closed)
The course presents and discusses methodological perspectives in research and various research methods. The focus is directed towards the opportunities provided by and limitations of various research methods in relation to the subject, research question or hypothesis. The use of the mixed methods approach will be discussed. Critical appraisal of published research results will also be taken up. 
Syllabus Schedule
Language: English

Academic Writing and Publishing 5 credits (The application is now closed)
The course focuses on the preparation of an academic text. Detailed emphasis will be given to articulating a problem clearly, synthesizing main points of an argument, and techniques for writing. As an aid to their own writing in progress, the doctoral candidates will be required to critically assess pre-selected international texts, based on academic criteria.
Gitte Malm
Preliminary course dates: 16/3, 19/3, 25/3, 26/3, 2/4, 9/4, 30/4
Language: English


Optional courses 2015

Introduction for Doctorate Candidates at Malmö University 
Here you can download
Application form 

Supporting the learning of others 5 credits 
The central theme of the course is research-related teaching. The course concerns the support ofother's learning in order to achieve teaching objectives and to adapt teaching to teaching situationsas well as to the background of the learners. The course will take up pedagogical theory, researchinto learning and academic teaching.
Language: English 

Presenting research for different groups, 3 credits
The objective of the course is that doctoral students should be in a position to critically assess, be able to plan and implement various communicative measures relating to their research tasks. The course also aims to increase doctoral students' understanding of the importance of being able to convey research results beyond traditional academic channels.
Language: English


We also offer Forskarutbildningskurser anordnade av fakulteterna 

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