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Seminars at MIM Fall 2014

4 September
War and conflict induced student migration to Sweden
Ane Kirkegaard, Senior Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies, Malmö University

11 September
From triangular to multi-angular structures of migration. The welfare states and Somali migrants in Scandinavia

Marco Zoppi, PhD fellow, Roskilde University, Denmark

24 September (Wednesday: 14.15 – 16.00)
Economic crisis and unemployment of Brazilian immigrants in Japan

Hirohisa Takenoshita, Associate Professor of Sociology, Sophia University, Japan
Discussant: Anna Tegunimataka, PhD, Lund University

25 September (Thursday: 14.15 – 16.00)
Researching voluntary return from Norway to Somalia and Iraq
Synnøve Bendixsen, postdoctoral fellow and Hilde Lidén, Bergen Research Unit of International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) and Nordic Journal of Migration Research

2 October
The global in the local: examples from Nørrebro
Garbi Schmidt, MIM guest professor in memory of Willy Brandt 2014, Roskilde University

9 October, Room G107, 14.15-16.00 (merged MIM research seminar and lecture for IMER MA students)
Thinking through the concept of social cohesion
Garbi Schmidt, MIM guest professor in memory of Willy Brandt 2014, Roskilde University 

16 October
EU laws in everyday life on the streets of Copenhagen and Malmö
Camilla Ida Ravnbøl, PhD fellow, Copenhagen University

06 November - Cancelled  
White migrations: gender, whiteness and privilege in transnational migration
Catrin Lundström, Associate Professor of Sociology, Linköping University

13 November
To be or not to be feminist: Ideological dilemmas of female politicians of the populist radical-right
Katarina Pettersson, Doctoral student, Department of Social Research, University of Helsinki
Discussant: Anders Hellström

27 November, room G525 14.15-16.00
‘Gaps’ between Muslims and Non-Muslims in Public Debates and Public Opinion: Do they exist and does this matter?Paul Statham, Professor and Editor of Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, University of Sussex

04 December
New perspectives of the integration process of re-settled refugees in Sweden
Brigitte Suter, research manager and Karin Magnusson, research assistant, MIM, Malmö University 

11 December - CANCELLED
Researching a politicized field: experiences from migration research
Garbi Schmidt, MIM guest professor in memory of Willy Brandt 2014, Roskilde University

18 December (close session for MIM researchers)
Discussion and feedback on application drafts for research funding in migration research
Maja Povrzanovic Frykman, Professor in Ethnology, Ioana Bunescu, MIM researcher and Katarina Mozetic, research assistant (and any other drafted applications by researchers at our department at the time)

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