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Seminars at MIM Spring 2014

Seminars in spring 2014

30 January

Labor Migrants in Sweden: A Follow-Up of the Swedish Law Change in 2008
Karin Magnusson, MA in IMER, research assistant and Henrik Emilsson, PhD Candidate, MIM

4 February, Tuesday at 15.15-17.00, room G549

"Managing" migration: the language of prohibitions, limitations, and regulations as the solution for migration problem
Elena Trubina, Professor, Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia

13 February

‘Walking barefoot but sending a $100 home’: Issues of health care and work amongst Central Asian Migrants in Russia
John Round, PhD, National Research University, Higher School of Economics (Moscow) and University of Birmingham and Irina Kuznetsova, PhD, Kazan Federal University, in Kazan
Discussant: Annelie Schlaug, GPS

27 February   
Nyanlända elevers sociala spelrum i "en skola för alla"
Eva Skowronski, Fil. dr. i migrationsvetenskap, Centrum för teologi och religionsvetenskap, Lunds universitet

6 March
Project presentations
Erica Righard, Senior Lecturer, Willy Brandt Research Fellow, MIM, Malmö University
Ioana Bunescu, PhD, Malmö University
Sofia Rönnqvist, PhD and Karin Magnusson, Msc, research assistant, Malmö University

13 March
Post-Remittances? On Transnational Ties and Migration Between the Kurdistan Region in Iraq and Sweden"
Lisa Pelling, PhD, University of Wien, Think tank Arena

20 March 
Borga' Dreams. Hope, achievement and loss amond deportees in rural Ghana
Nauja Kleist, Senior Researcher, DIIIS, Copenhagen
Discussant: Daniela DeBono  

27 March

The National Turn of Local Integration Policy: Case studies of Malmö and Copenhagen
Henrik Emilsson, PhD Candidate, MIM
Discussant, Patrick Hall, GPS

3 April, cancelled

The commodification of ethnicity in immigrant entrepreneurship
Tobias Schölin, Post Doc in Entrepreneurship, Lund University

22 April, Tuesday, 14.15-16.00
Labour market competition and attitudes towards equal opportunities for foreign and Swiss citizens
Marco Pecoraro, PhD, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland

6 May, Tuesday, room G408
Survival in the city: how do young immigrants in France make a living?
Michael Samers, PhD, Associate Professor of Economic and Urban Geography, University of Kentucky, USA

15 May
The Sexuality of Asylum: Experiences of Iranian Sexual Dissidents in Turkey 
Eda Farsakoglu, PhD Candidate in Sociology, Lund University

22 May
When is an act political? Activism and undocumented migrants
Emma Söderman and Vanna Nordling, PhD Candidates in Social work, Lund University
Discussant: Erica Righard, MIM

5 June (in Swedish)
Hatbrott – fem studier kring utsatta gruppers upplevelser
Anders S. Wigerfelt, PhD, Associate Professor, researcher at MIM
Berit Wigerfelt, PhD in Ethnology, Associate Professor in IMER, researcher at MIM

12 June
Space, Politics and Past-Present (Super-)Diverstities in a Copenhagen Neighbourhood
Garbi Schmidt, MIM Guest Professor in Memory of Willy Brandt 2014, Roskilde University

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