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Willy Brandt Series of Working Papers

The Willy Brandt Series of Working Papers in International Migration and Ethnic Relations is a forum for research in, and debate about, issues of migration, ethnicity and related topics. This Series makes available original manuscripts by the Willy Brandt Guest Professors.

The Series has been established in order to contribute to the wider and more permanent influence of the presence of Willy Brandt Guest Professors in migration-related research work in Sweden. As the Professorship holders are all internationally recognised scholars, the inclusion of such working papers in their bibliographies is an efficient way of promoting IMER, MIM and Malmö University internationally.
ISSN 1650-5743

Editor: Erica Righard  

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5/13 Miri Song (also in MIM working paper series 13:5)
Challenging a Culture of Racial Equivalence

4/13 Russell King, Aija Lulle, Dorothea Mueller and Zana Vathi, 2013
Visiting Friends and Relatives and its Links with International Migration: a Three-Way Comparison of Migrants in the UK

3/13 Russell King and Julie Vullnetari, 2013.
Interrelationships Between Gender, Care and Migration: Albania During and After Communism

2/13 Russell King and Nilay Kilinc, 2013. 
 'Euro-Turks' Return: The Counterdiasporic Migration of German-born Turks to Turkey 

1/13 Russell King and Francesca Conti, 2013.
Bridging the Divide: the Gap between the Study of Internal and International Migration, with an Italian example

3/12 Russell King, 2012.
Theories and Typologies of Migration: An Overview and a Primer

2/12 Michael Collyer and Russell King, 2012.
Transnational Space: Territory, Mobility and Technology

1/12 Ray Taras, 2012.
The End to Immigration by a Thousand Cuts? On Europe's Bureaucratic Gatekeepers

2/11 Ayhan Kaya, 2012.
From Welfarism to Prudentialism: The Power of the Weak

1/11 Ayhan Kaya, 2011.
Islamophobia as a form of Governmentality: Unbearable Weightiness of the Politics of Fear

1/10    Daniel Hiebert and Kathy Sherrell 2010.
The Integration and Inclusion of Newcomers in Canada: The Case of British Columbia

1/09    Wendy Cadge, Sara Curran, Jessica Hejtmanek, B. Nadya Jaworsky and Peggy Levitt, 2009.
The City as a Context: Culture and Scale in New Immigrant Destinations

2/08     Nina Glick Schiller 2008.
Beyond Methodological Ethnicity: Local and Transnational Pathways of Immigrant Incorporation

1/08     David Ingleby, 2008.
New Perspectives on Migration, Ethnicity and Schizophrenia

3/07     Cas Mudde. 2008.
The Populist Radical Right: A Pathological Normalcy

2/07     Nina Glick Schiller & Ayse Çaglar. 2008.
Migrant Incorporation and City Scale: Towards a Theory of Locality in Migration Studies

1/07     Eva Morawska. 2007.
International Migration: Its Various Mechanisms and Different Theories that Try to Explain it

2/06     Sandro Cattacin. 2006.
Why not “Ghettos”? The Governance of Migration in the Splintering City

1/06     Sandro Cattacin. 2006.
Migration and Differentiated Citizenship: On the (Post-)Americanization of Europe

3/05     Nikos Papastergiadis. 2005.
Mobility and the Nation: Skins, Machines and Complex Systems

2/05     Nikos Papastergiadis. 2005.
The Invasion Complex: Deep Historical Fears and Wide Open Anxieties

1/05     Marco Martiniello. 2005.
Political Participation, Mobilisation and Representation of Immigrants and their Offspring in Europe

4/04     Katherine Fennelly. 2005.
Correlates of Prejudice: Data from Midwestern Communities in the United States

3/04     Don J. DeVoretz  and Sergiy Pivneneko. 2004.
The Economics of Canadian Citizenship

2/04     Don J. DeVoretz. 2004.
Immigrant Issues and Cities: Lessons from Malmö and Toronto

1/04     Katherine Fennelly. 2004.
Listening to the Experts: Provider Recommendations on the Health Needs of Immigrants and Refugees

4/03     Thomas Faist. 2004.
The Migration-Security Nexus. International Migration and Security before and after 9/11

3/03     Thomas Faist. 2004.
Multiple Citizenship in a Globalising World:  The Politics of Dual Citizenship in Comparative Perspective

2/03      Grete Brochmann. 2004.
Welfare State, Integration and Legitimacy of the Majority: The Case of Norway

1/03     Grete Brochmann. 2004.
The Current Traps of European Immigration Policies

4/02     Ellie Vasta. 2004.
Communities and Social Capital

3/02     Ellie Vasta. 2003.
Australia’s Post-War Immigration: Institutional and Social Science Research

2/02     Jock Collins. 2003.
Immigration and Immigrant Settlement in Australia: Political Responses, Discourses and New Challenges

1/02     Jock Collins. 2003.
Ethnic Entrepreneurship in Australia

4/01     John Rex. 2003.
The Basic Elements of a Systematic Theory of Ethnic Relations

3/01     Thomas Faist. 2001.
Dual Citizenship as Overlapping Membership

2/01     Rainer Bauböck. 2001.
Multinational Federalism: Territorial or Cultural Autonomy? 

1/01     Rainer Bauböck. 2001.
Public Culture in Societies of Immigration






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