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The Economics of Citizenship

The economics of citizenship omslag

Edited by Pieter Bevelander and Don J. DeVoretz

With the exception of economists, social scientists have a long and detailed history of analyzing the political and social implications of citizenship acquisition by immigrants.
Economists, on the other hand, have occasionally entered the field in an ad hoc manner with limited speculations about the possible earnings or employment effects that may derive from immigrant citizenship ascension.

This book goes one step further by providing an economic model to predict immigrant citizenship and its impact in the labour market and the public finance spheres in a comparative framework. Five countries– Canada, the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway – with five different immigrant selection and citizenship-granting procedures are analyzed to test the robustness of the economic model.

The results indicate that the immigrant selection process in turn influences a given country’s citizenship-granting process and affects the size of the economic premium derived from citizenship. Thus, the authors conclude that the design of a country’s immigration and citizenship policies influences the degree of economic integration of its potential citizens.

About the authors

Pieter Bevelander is an Associate Professor and the current Willy Brandt Research fellow at the Malmö Research Institute for Migration, Diversity and Welfare. He is also a senior lecturer at the School of International Migration and Ethnic Relations, Malmö University, Sweden and a research fellow at IZA, the Institute for the Study of Labour, Bonn, Germany. His main field of research is international migration focussing on various aspects of immigrant integration. His latest research topics include a comparison of the ethnic social capital in Canada and the Netherlands, social capital and electoral participation of immigrants and minorities in Canada, and the attitudes of the Swedish-born towards Muslims in Sweden. He has published in the International Migration Review, the Journal of Populations Economics, the Journal of Ethnic and Migrations Studies and the Journal of International Migration and Integration.

Don J. DeVoretz is a Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University where he was the Co-Director of RIIM, Vancouver’s Centre of Excellence on Immigration Studies from 1996 to 2007. Dr. DeVoretz has held visiting appointments at Duke University, University of Ibadan (Nigeria), University of the Philippines, University of Wisconsin, and the Norwegian School of Economics. He was the Willy Brandt Guest Professor at IMER, Malmo University in 2004. He is a Research Fellow with IZA (Germany), the Migration Research Group (Germany), and the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. Dr. DeVoretz was named a British Columbia Scholar to China in 2000. His current research interests include the economics of immigration with special emphasis on “brain circulation” and citizenship issues. His research findings have been reported in professional journals and major print and electronic media.

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