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MIM Working paper series 17:6 The Good Citizen and the Good Muslim

MIM Working Paper Series 17:6

The Good Citizen and the Good Muslim: The Nexus of Disciplining the Self and Engaging the Public

Garbi Schmidt, professor of Intercultural Studies at the University of Roskilde, Denmark.

Published 2017

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Abstract Based on two fieldworks in Chicago this working paper discusses the role that an Islamic organization – the Inner-City Muslim Action Network  (IMAN)– plays for the invigoration of the deprived neighborhood Chicago Lawn. The working paper describes and analyses IMAN’s claim to so-called ghetto cosmopolitanism, its building on past race-based struggles in the neighborhood, and also how IMAN challenges ideas of correct religious practice within the American Muslim community. The particular context of the working paper is the festival “Takin’ it to the Streets” which is one of IMANs most prolific activities. Via its focus on popular music, graffiti art and talks the festival can be seen as an example of teaching the public – both about a minority religion but also about the potential resources of a deprived inner-city neighborhood. 

Keywords: Islam, United States, citizenship, cosmopolitanism, minorities. 

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