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MIM Working paper series 17:4 Attitudes Toward Immigrants among Youth in Sweden

MIM Working Paper Series 17:4

Attitudes Toward Immigrants among Youth in Sweden


Beint Magnus Aamodt Bentsen, PhD student, Malmö University, Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration,Diversity and Welfare (MIM)

Published 2017

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Attitudes towards out-groups have been of academic interest for a long time, andtwo often-used theoretical frameworks are intergroup contact theory, and groupthreat theory. This article combines insights from both to investigating attitudesamong youth in Sweden using multiple regression analysis. I seek particularly tounderstand the role that contact has on reducing attitudes, and what roledifferent contact situations, and forms may play. Specifically contact in schoolsand the local area is investigated after controlling for the effect of personalfriendships. The analysis finds that high quality contact does have an effect onattitudes among Swedish youth even after controlling for background variables.Superficial contact has no additional effect in the investigated context. Groupthreat effects are also found to be important for the groups that are most directlyin competition with immigrants in the labor market.

Keywords: Contact theory, attitudes, xenophobia, youth, Sweden, crosssectionaldata

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