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MIM Working paper series 17:2 Discrimination Multipliers

MIM Working Paper Series 17:2

Discrimination Multipliers How Immigrants’ integration affects labour market disadvantage


Flavia.Fossati@unil.ch (corresponding author), Fabienne.Liechti@unil.ch, Daniel.Auer@unil.ch,
University of Lausanne, Bâtiment IDHEAP, Rue de la Mouline 28, 1015 Lausanne,Switzerland and nccr-on the move, University of Neuchâtel, Fbg. De l’Hôpital, 106, 2000 Neuchâtel,Switzerland.

Published 2017

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The paper analyses, how a low level of cultural distance and a strong social and culturalintegration affects second-generation immigrants’ labour market chances. We address this questionby means of a survey experiment carried out with human resources professionals in Switzerland.First, we analyse whether job applicants are evaluated more negatively if their parents stem from acountry perceived to be culturally more distant from the host country and whether secondgenerationapplicants whose profile conveys a strong attachment to their culture of origin(language) and engaging in social activities within their community, are evaluated more negativelyby prospective employers.

Keywords: Labour market access, hiring decision, integration, cultural distance.

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