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Author instructions

Instructions for authors

Papers to be considered for publication should be submitted in electronic form as a word-file to Christian Fernández (christian.fernandez@mah.se). Decision and comments are delivered with as much expediency as possible. We encourage contributors to present their papers at the MIM seminars, though this is not a prerequisite for publication in the series.   

All papers submitted to the series undergo an internal peer-review prior to possible publication. Authors should stress whether the submitted script is an essay or a literature review. By essay we mean a study of a certain empirical- and/or theoretical field based on either primary and/or secondary sources. By literature review we mean a presentation and discussion of the literature in a limited research terrain. In both cases, the assessment is based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance: The editorial board reserves the right to refuse papers that do not connect to any of MIM’s research fields.
  2. Familiarity: To be considered for publication, the papers must be well founded in relevant and current research. Demonstrated by ample and precise references.
  3. Originality: Submitted papers should demonstrate originality, for instance with respect to the use of concepts, empirical analysis and/or inferences.
  4. Academic relevance: The series does not prefer any particular scientific standpoint, but emphasizes scientific comprehensibility. This concerns foremost essays, but reviews will also be assessed according to this criterion. It should be clear to the reader how the author reached her or his conclusions. The sources must be explicitly accounted for and easily accessible.
  5. Style: Submitted scripts must be thoroughly prepared, well structured and well argued. The series addresses primarily an academic audience from a wide range of disciplines, but it also aims to attract a readership outside the academia with a general interest of IMER research. Authors should therefore aim to be as precise and clear as possible. Please also note that the editorial board is not able to finance language inspection.  
  6. Form: Submitted scripts should generally be no longer than 15 000 words. Shorter scripts are preferred and recommended. The first page should include information about the author’s first and last name (in capital letters), academic affiliation, e-mail address, the title (in capital letters), a short abstract in English no longer than 100 words, five key words, and a brief biographical note on the author. Subheadings should be typed flush left without preceding numbers or letters. Do not use any preset subheadings. UK or US spellings may be used, however in a consequent manner. Quotations exceeding three lines must be indented (10 pt).  Bibliographical references should be given in parentheses or footnotes in a consequent manner. A complete list of cited references, arranged alphabetically by author’s surname and in a consequent manner, should be typed at the end of the paper. 


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