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Metropolis International Steering Committee

Flundran Building, IMER-Malmö
Gibraltargatan 2
Malmö, Sweden March 15-16, 2007

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Thursday, March 15

9:00 Welcome and introductions

9:10 Decisions and actions from the previous meeting

9:20 Discussion of proposed plenary program for 12th International Conference and update on preparations (workshops proposals, participation of Asia-Pacific region, logistics, study tours, social and cultural program)

10:30 Break

10:45 Update on the 13th International Conference (Dimitria Clayton)

11:30 Report on recent Metropolis Inter-Conference Event, “Gender in Migration: Traditional Role Models in Partnership, Family and Community” (Hans-Jurgen Tempelmayr and Rainer Münz) [TBC]

11:45 Report on the Metropolis-PME research competition (Meyer Burstein)

12:15 Lunch [details TBC]

13:30 Policy Seminar:  Response to Diversity in Malmö

  • Overview of the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM), Malmö University
  • Presentation on the Nightingale Project, a mentorship programme in Malmö that matches students at Malmö University with children in the city’s schools
  • Findings from the Equal Programme, “Diversity as a Human Resource”, a three-year research programme undertaken by IMER-Malmö on the city’s response to diversity
  • Presentation of a cooperative research programme between Malmö’s Board of Education and the Faculty of Teacher Education at Malmö University.  Provides an opportunity for teachers to undertake community-based research on multicultural and multilingual issues.

18:00 Adjournment

19:30 Dinner hosted by City Hall [time and location TBC]

Friday, March 16

9:00 Presentation of project recently funded through the Metropolis-PME research competition (Karin Amit and Moshe Semyonov)

9:30 Update on the 14th International Conference (Garbi Schmidt)

10:15 Report on future of the Canadian Metropolis Project (Howard Duncan)

10:30 Break

10:45 Presentation of findings from past conference evaluations (Erin Tolley and Lucinda Fonseca)

11:15 Discussion of alternate conference formats; proposals to be tabled in advance of the meeting

12:00 Recent changes in the Netherlands (Ali Rabarison-van der Laan) [TBC]

12:15 Report on IMER’s EUROSPHERE project (Yngve Lithman)

12:30  Report from the Swedish Integration Board [TBC]

12:45 Lunch 

13:45 Report from the IOM (Bob Paiva)

14:00 Global Forum on Migration and potential role for Metropolis (discussion led by Bob Paiva, Sandra Pratt, Hans-Beat Moser and Eva Haagenson)

14:30 Participation of Asia-Pacific region in Metropolis (All)
14:45 Tour de table
15:30 Other business

15:40 Next meeting of the Metropolis ISC:  Invitation from Ruppin Academic Center

16:00 Adjournment

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