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Organized conferences and workshops

22 October, Orkanen, Saturday, 8.30-17.00
Let's Talk integration - Integration Conference

22-23 September 
Transit Europe Symposium, Mobility, Communication and Governance, Ørecomm international conference, Niagara, Malmö University.

15-16 June 2016
International Conference on Migration, Irregularisation and Activism: Challenging Contemporary Border Regimes, Racism and Subordination

25-26 May, 2016
Conference Museums in Times of Migration and Mobiity:Processes of Representation, Collaboration, Inclusion and Social Change, Orkanen, Malmö University.

3-4 February, 2016

Joint Workshop on Methodology in Migration Studies Call for papers - MIM welcomes application proposals on migration studies of PhD students at Malmö University from all faculties! 

25-26 January, 2016
Willy Brandt Guest Professorship 15th Anniversary Academic Symposium Current Themes in Migration Research: Where Do We Go from Here? at Malmö University.

3 December, 2015
2nd AMIS /MIM Masters Conference. University of Copenhagen.

17 June 2015
The Conference on Migrants’ Experiences of Voluntary Return from Sweden to Iraq presents the research findings of the European Return Fund co-financed project on migrants’ experiences of voluntary return from Sweden to Iraq and the role of Swedish re-establishment support in this process. See the Conference programme and more information about the project.

12 June 2015
Conference Migrants' Experiences of Forced Return from Sweden presents the findings from a research project with same title.

28 May 2015
MILSA project conference presents findings of project MILSAresearch based support platform for migration and health. 

27 May 2015
Conference on Resettlement and Integration Before and After: New Perspectives on Resettled Refugees’ Integration Process at Malmö University. 

29-30 January 2015
TRANSMIG Conference 29-30 January 2015. Malmö University, Malmö.
The conference with Nina Glick Schiller and Thomas Faist as keynote speakers explores the impact of research on transnational migration from the perspective of a range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. 

10 December 2014
1st AMIS/MIM Masters Conference on Migration Studies
Malmö University, Malmö

8-9 December 2014

Social Cohesion workshop
MIM, Malmö University

26-27 November 2014
International Migration and Social Protection - Mobility and Diversity as Challengers to Welfare Rights and Provision
The IMISCOE Research Group
MIM, Malmö University

23 October 2014
DELMI workshop
MIM, Malmö University

26-27 August, 2013
IMISCOE 10th Annual Conference: Crisis and Migration – Perceptions, Challenges and Consequences was organized by IMISCOE Network, MIM and the department of Global political Studies. The conference directed attention to the links between crisis and patterns of migration in, between and from European Countries.

IMISCOE_white.jpg poster

11 December, 2012

Scandinavian Population Groups Originating in Developing Countries - Population Change and Integration: A Comparison 
Workshop, IMER Malmö, Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University

29-30 November, 2012

Implications of the Eurozone crisis for perceptions, politics and policies of migration.
International conference. Malmö University. Organizers Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for European History and Public Spheres, Vienna and Department of Global Political Studies (GPS) and Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM), Malmö University

26-27 April, 2012
CitEd 2012, Citizenship Education and Diversity in Liberal Societies Workshop,
Theory and Policy in Comparative Perspective. The workshop is funded by the project Fostering Citizenship? The Education System, Norms and the Dilemma of the Liberal State. MIM,Malmö University.

17 April, 2012
Declining Europe? The Challenge of Populism, East and West

Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen

5-6 December, 2011
Transmig, International conference on Transnationalism and Migration,
Beyond the national and ethnic lens in migration studies, Transmig (Transnationalism and diaspora network) workshop, supported by FAS and IMISCOE, MIM, Malmö University. 

6 December, 2011
IMHAd:s slutkonferens, World Trade Center, Stockholm
Inbjudan och program. Anmälningar senast 17 november. Anmälningsblanketten

28-29 April, 2011
The twilight of multiculturalism: theory, empirics, norms specialized workshop at MIM brings together top researchers from ten different European universities with experts from the Faculty of Culture and Society at Malmö University. Workshop schedule.

3 November, 2010

Temadag - Migrationens Utmaningar: tre år av erfarenheter. Migrationens Utmaningar inom hälsa, omsorg och vård är ett forskningssamarbete mellan Malmö stad, Malmö högskola och Region Skåne som har pågått sedan 2007. Under temadagen samlas erfarenheter från forskning och utveckling inom området Migration och Hälsa.

14 October, 2010

IMHAd konferens  på temat Olika villkor - olika hälsa den 14 oktober i Stockholm med experter från forskningsvärlden och Saco. Konferensen riktar sig till tjänstemän och politiker i kommuner, landsting samt till andra myndigheter, företrädare för näringsliv, utbildning och ideell sektor.

25-27 August 2010

15th Nordic Migration Research Conference  at Malmö högskola.
Conference Report
Photos from the conference
NMR Book of Abstracts on MUEP
NMR Newsletter
Read newsletter
Nordic IMER was formally founded at the 14th Nordic Migration Researchers’ Conference in Bergen on November 14, 2007.
More about Nordic IMER and its Statute

28-29 April 2010

Academic workshop Parallel Lives: Rhetoric and reality organized by Pieter Bevelander and Daniel Hiebert at MIM, Malmö University.
Read more here.
26-27 May 2009 at MIM, Malmö University.
3rd international Project Meeting for
Health Care in NowHereland - Improving Services for Undocumented Migrants.
The head organizer  for the meeting is Carin Björngren Cuadra from Health and Society department at Malmö University. More information on Health Care in NowHereland.

14-16 May 2009
IMISCOE (Implications of Migrant Citizenship Acquisition)
- cluster B3 conference, Malmö University. 

The conference will bring together around 30 researchers from within the IMISCOE network and other academic institutions and networks. The organisers of the workshop aim to produce an edited volume, which will be presented to the IMISCOE editorial board for publication, or special issue for journal on the topic. Link to the programme and the list of participants.

20-21 April 2009

Migra-Nord Manuscript Seminar at MIM, Malmö University.
The seminar will bring together researchers from Nordic academic institutions to discuss manuscripts being prepared for publication.  For more information on Migra-Nord.
Link to the programme.

Mighealthnet meeting held at MIM February 27.

27 February 2009 - National dissemination meeting

Invitation and registration

13-14 November 2008
Migration and Memory
The conference is a cooperation between Malmö University (European Studies, IMER and MIM) and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for European History and Public Spheres in Vienna.Conference presentation

15-16 March 2007
Metropolis International Steering Committee.

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