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Guest speakers & discussants

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Community, Work and Family Conference, we will take time to reflect upon what has happened and what will happen during the next 10 years. We will have the pleasure to listen to two of founding editors of Community, Work & Family , Suzan Lewis and Carolyn Kagan.

Suzan Lewis

Suzan LewisSuzan (Sue) Lewis, one of the two founding editors of Community, Work and Family, is Professor of Organisational Psychology at Middlesex University Business School, London. Her research focuses on gender, work-personal life issues and workplace practice, culture and change, in diverse national contexts. She has led many national and international research projects on these topics and has worked with employers and policy makers on work-life issues and workplace change in Europe, North America and Asia.  Ongoing and recent collaborative projects include:  research and a seminar series on work-life balance in the recession and beyond; a study of employees combining employment and medically assisted reproduction, and a project on maternity protection in Ghana. Some recent co-authored publications, based on international research, include Maternity Protection in SMES. An International Review, published by the International Labour Organization, in 2014 ;  Transitions to Parenthood in Europe. A Comparative Life Course Perspective, 2012 and  Work, Families and Organisations in Transition (2009). She chair of a charitable grant giving trust and   is currently vice president of the Work- Family Researchers Network (WFRN) and chair of their International Committee.

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Carolyn Kagan

Carolyn KaganCarolyn Kagan is Professor Emerita of Community Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University where she was the Director of the Research Institute for Health and Social change. Throughout her career she has worked on action research projects in community settings, in pursuit of greater social justice with those marginalised by the social system.

Much of Carolyn's work is action oriented, with projects extending over several years and with a focus on working across generations, urban regeneration, university-community engagement and participation.

This work has included work with disabled people. their families and the services that support them; influencing social policy through researching how families with disabled children manage to combine work with caring; ways of enabling people living poverty, often without work, to share their experiences; using participative and creative methods to give voice to residents living through waves of urban regeneration; understanding and promoting ways of enabling the participation of citizens who live in areas of multiple deprivation, that will not damage their mental health; and exploring community based arts as multidisciplinary interventions to engage local people of all ages. Most recently she has been both investigating intergenerational practice and introducing intergenerational activity in neighbourhoods; and researching the impact of families on migrants who are working under condition s of forced labour. She has collaborated with colleagues in India, Uganda, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil and Australia.
In 2005 Carolyn received the British Psychology Society's Award for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities. She was a founding editor along with Suzan Lewis, of Community, Work and Family. Currently she is a trustee of two charities, director of two not for profit companies and Chair of the Community Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. Now she is retired Carolyn is spending more time as a community activist struggling like many to weave a way through the paradoxes and contradictions of ideologically driven policies that both enable and disable community groups.

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Magnus Johansson

Magnus JohanssonMagnus Johansson has PhD in education. He currently works as senior lecturer in environmental studies, and as a Head of Built Environment and Environmental Science at the Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University.  His research interests revolve around conditions for social learning in collaboration and in urban planning. Magnus are involved in several collaborative initiatives between Malmö university local and regional stakeholders. He also organizes a network with researchers and practitioners who work with or doing research on community development, and are involved in the development of a Design lab for social innovations in the public sector.

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Elin Kvande

Elin KvandeElin Kvande is Dr. polit., and Professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology and Political Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. Her research focuses on gender and organizations, work and family reconciliation, and welfare state policies. One central area of research has been fathers’ use of parental leave; another is internationalization and the Nordic model of work and welfare state. Her latest books include The Fathers' Quota and the Father-friendly Welfare State (2013), Doing Gender in Flexible Organizations (2007), The Work-Life Squeeze Paradoxes in the New Working Life (2007).

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Ariane Ollier-Malaterre

Ariane Ollier-Malaterreis Professor in the School of Management of University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), Canada. Ariane’s research focuses on the work-life interface at the individual level (e.g. boundary management in light of smart phones and social media), the organizational level (e.g. workplace flexibility) and the country level (e.g. cultural and institutional comparisons). Her recent work has appeared in Academy of Management Review, Human Relations, Human Resource Management and Journal of Vocational Behavior. She has received the 2014 Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for Excellence in Work-Family Research for an article published in the European Management Journal.

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Ellen Ernst Kossek

Ellen Ernst Kossek is the Basil S. Turner  Professor of Management at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management and the Research Director of the Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence, a center that focuses on advancing women's leadership in organizations and society.  Dr. Kossek is also currently Associate Director of the Center for Work-Family Stress, Safety, and Health of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Work, Family and Health Network, an interdisciplinary national research team collaborating to implement field studies that have the goal of reducing work-family conflict as a pathway to enhance employee and family health and organizational effectiveness. She was the first elected President of the Work Family Researchers Network, ending her term in 2014.

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