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Research field: Social psychiatry

Social psychiatry is a multidisciplinary field of research, based on a number of research traditions, including social work, recovery-oriented psychiatry, cultural psychiatry, sociological social psychiatry and phenomenological psychiatry. The aim of studying different phenomena within social psychiatry is to uncover the meaning of mental ill health in its social context and relate these results to discussions on ethics, nosology, social cognition, recovery, social vulnerability, stigma, welfare structures, epidemiology, prevention, substance abuse, migration, culture, society and the human condition.

To clarify and thematise the relationship between social factors and the users’ own perspectives of mental ill health, social vulnerability and the meaning of recovery, social psychiatry research is mainly conducted using qualitative research methods. However, statistical studies are also used to illustrate the vulnerability of certain groups to mental health problems and social exclusion. Social psychiatry research takes a critical position on the limitations of scientific and philosophical methods.

Ongoing research projects

Social Cognition and Phenomenological Psychiatry

Social Psychiatry as a Human Science and Recovery-Oriented Practice

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